Project Description

Organic Fertilizer Iron Amino acid chelate

Amino acid chelate Fe is an organic fertilizer which can provide plants amino acid nitrogen as well as minerals Fe. It can provide instant organic nitrogen as well as micronutrients Fe. Iron is an essential substance in chlorophyll synthesis.

Plant Iron Deficiency Symptoms: Plant iron deficiency first appears on young leaves. It is characterized by a loss of greening between veins, and in severe cases the entire young leaves are yellowish-white, and iron deficiency often occurs in high pH soils.

Iron is involved in the formation of enzymes that are indispensable for cellular metabolism (i.e., superoxide dismutase, reductase, and peroxidase). The catalytic effect of its presence on the respiratory process is fundamental.

amino acid chelated minerals

Quality Specification

Appearance Light yellow powder
Solubility 100% Water Soluble
Moisture Less than 5%
Total amino acids More than 25%
Organic Iron More than 10%


Provide amino acid organic nitrogen and iron elements to plants.
Promote plant chlorophyll production and have good effect for plants which lack of iron
It is good foliar fertilizer can be used as green house fertilizer, farming fertilizer fruits fertilizer turf grass fertilizer and so on.
Mix it with pesticides, which will enhance the function with each other


20kg/bag (kraft bag outside and double plastic bags inside)