Project Description

soy protein hydrolyzed Amino acid powder 60%

Soy based organic fetrilizer amino acid 60% contains high free amino acid. 60% high free amino acid provide instant rich amino acid and peptide for plants. In addition, It contains 75% organic matter which will chelate soil nutrients, stimulate root growth plants and help plants achieve pest and disease resistance.

vegetable source amino acid 40%-50%

Product specification

Appearance Light yellow powder
Solubility 100% Water Soluble
Moisture Less than 5%
PH 4-6
Amino acid content More than 60%

Main function

High organic matter for soil and plants
Nutrients rich in free amino acid and peptide
Improve the growth of roots environment
Functions as chelator with metal in the soil, and improves soil condition


It is excellent used as foliar fertilizer, greenhouse fertilizer, base fertilizer and so on. It is also excellent for turf grass, orchards, ornamental trees and shrubs, containerized plants, flower gardens and all types of field crops.