Project Description

Soy based amino acid liquid 30%(no salt)

Amino acids-protein hydrolys liquid 30% is a high concentration liquid. It is a pure amino acid liquid with no salt, chlorine which use special desalination and filtration step. It results in a strictly controlled and clean process. It can be used. It can provide liquid aminos to plants quickly. It contains eighteen varieties of L-Amino Acids which are widely used as base fertilizer in all kinds of agricultural crops. It is and idea organic fertilizer special for the crops which is sensitive on Chlorine, such as tabacco tea trees and so on.

soy based compound amino acid liquid 40%


Free amino acid more than 350g/L
Organic matter: 50
No Chloride
No salt

Liquid amino acids benefits

Good liquid aminos nutritionfor plants
No salt and chlorine can be used special for tabacco tea trees and fruits
Perfect for your drip irrigation
Amino acid organic lquid fertilizers improve the soil’s ability to retain water and fertilizer,
Improve plant root growth environment and development.
Promote soil microbial viability and increase the number of soil microbes
Excellent organic nitrogen fertilizer for plants
Good amino acid liquid fertilizer formulation with other elements no precipitation.
No salt problem for the soil


It is excellent used as foliar fertilizer, greenhouse fertilizer, base fertilizer and so on. Special good for the tabacco tea and fruits which is sensitive on chloride plants. A very useful additive to finished compost tea to add organic nitrogen to soils.

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