Project Description

Organic fertilizer Micronutrients amino acid chelate

Micronutrients amino acid chelate is an organic fertilizer amino acid full with mineral supplements. It contains iron Copper Boron Zinc magnesium and Manganese elements.

The common inorganic micronutrients fertilizer which are exist as anion and cation, easy dissociation, to form insoluble matters, and difficult been absorbed by plants, the micronutrients was chelated by amino acids and make inorganic element become into organic element. The trace elements (copper, iron, zinc, manganese, boron, magnesium) are fundamental for the development of cultivations as make the vegetal metabolism more active and reduce the plant sensitivity on diseases and climatic and environmental adversities. The trace elements are also involved by different ways in all main metabolic processes of plants, such as chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis, blossom, fruits setting and ripening. This product absorbed quickly, no residue, changing the soil structure, soil structure adjustment, promoting plants production.

micronutrients amino acid chelate 10%

Quality Specification

Appearance Brown powder
Solubility) 100% water soluble
Moisture Less than 5%
Total amino acids More than 25%
Organic trace-element (Fe +Cu +B +Zn +Mn +Mg) More than 10%

Micronutrients Amino Acid Chelate benefits

Enhance the disease resistance of crop roots, stems and leaves, increase photosynthesis, enhance enzyme activity.
Plays a preventive role on the yellow wilt, root rot and other viruses also relieve the injury due to improper spraying.
Has a special effect for fruit trees deciduous in the early and spot disease, and can improve the plant physiological functions, increase yield and improve quality.


All the crops.

Micronutrients Amino Acid Chelate Usage

Methods of use Dosage
Spray 1~2KG/acre, 800~1200 times dilution.
drip irrigation 3~5KG/acre, 200~300 times dilution.
Base fertilizer 10~15KG/acre.

Package and Storage

Please keep sealed and store in a dry place.

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