Amino Acid Liquid 40%(plant source)

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Project Description

Amino Acid Liquid 40%

Plant source

Appearance brownish black liquid or black liquid
Water solubility 100%
Total amino acid More than 400g/L
free amino acid More than 350g/L
Total Nitrogen more than 12%(W/V)
PH 4-6
  1. Use alone, foliage spray, drop irrigation, flood irrigation
  2. Liquid/powder formulation: mix with minerals (Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, B, Mg, Mo)
  3. Liquid/powder formulation: mix with seaweed/Humic Acid/biochemical fulvic acid
  4. Liquid/powder formulation: mix with NPK
  5. Notes: It is a saturated solution, there will be a small amount of crystal at a low temperature. It is normal.