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Project Description

Amino acid Chelate Boron

Boron is a basic microelement for plants as it stimulates their vegetative development through the cells division, helping the synthesis of the nucleic acids. Moreover, it develops an essential role in the chlorophyll synthesis as well as in the production and transport of sugars. In flowers biology, boron helps the fecundation to increase the germinability of the pollen and the activity of the pollen-tube, reduces the early drop and increase the formation and quality of fruits.


Deficiency Boron:

Boron deficiency caused acute problems during flower fecundation and increase the early drop of the small fruits. During growing sprouts, it determines the shortening of the internodes and the emission of less resistant and asymmetrical leaves. In the most acute cases, in the fruit trees, it involves the bifurcation of the sprout and the death of the terminal bud with consequent emission of secondary sprouts, which make the plant look shrubbier, fruits are damaged by evident necrosis, cracks, and splits. In the tuber cultivations, the deficiency breaks out with the gradual blackening of tubers and tap-roots in their inner part.


For vegetables, fruit trees, tobaccos, cotton, teas, oil-bearing crops, Chinese medicinal plants, flowers, lawn and grain crops, etc, it can also be used in drop irrigation and soil-less cultivation.

Package and Storage:

1. 20KG/BAG,10KG/BAG.

2. Please keep sealed and store in a dry place.

Appearance Light yellow powder
Solubility 100% Water Soluble
Total amino acids More than 25%
Organic copper More than 10%
Moisture Less than 5%

1.Proposed dosage

Methods of use Dosage
Spray 1~2KG/acre, 800~1200 times dilution.
drip irrigation 3~5KG/acre, 200~300 times dilution.
Base fertilizer 10~15KG/acre.

2Mix it with pesticides, which will enhance the function with each other

3. Please spray it before 10 am or after 4 pm so that the plant will have the best absorption.

4. Please re-spray it if the rain comes in 2hours.

5. Repeat treatments during the growing season according to agricultural and nutritional needs.